Online Proofing

Nieman Printing is dedicated to providing you with innovation that sets us apart from our competition—but that also sets you apart from yours. With our web-based Kodak InSite Creative Workflow System, amazing virtual capabilities are at your fingertips. Just upload your files and the rest is simply impressive. You can reach clients or multiple stakeholders around the world simultaneously with the touch of a button for collaboration, remote review and online proofing of high resolution files.

Last minute changes? They’re the norm in our business and can be made seamlessly in no time with InSite. The updated file is then reviewed again online through InSite proofing. After your files receive final approval with InSite, they are flawlessly prepared for press by our master technicians. Utilizing this remarkable technology not only keeps your workflow flowing, it is also kind to our environment—allowing us to proof thousands of pages online every month.